Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 4: Staying Home

Fall Mantel Ideas
Fall Mantel 2014


I am a searcher, a treasure hunter, an explorer, a flea marketeer, a person who loves nothing more than making a round.

In fact, everything on the mantel above was found at the flea market or at a thrift store.

I enjoy doing all of those things very much.

Being out and about is fun and entertaining.

But the real answer for simple living for me lives in being in my home.

And HOME really is where my heart is.

One positive thing is more likely to lead to another when I stay home.


Since I enjoy being there- that gives me the time to get things done (or not) - which makes life simpler for me.

Do I procrastinate, and put things off, and go to Ross Dress for Less far too much?  Yes.

Is the garage cluttered right now?  Mercy, yes. 

Do I always know what we are having for supper?  No.

Do I ever throw my hands up in the air and think I need to get out of here?  Yes.

There is no perfection here -which is probably why I enjoy it so much.



For the month of October, I am participating in The Nester’s annual 31 Day writing challenge .
Enjoying simple things or laughing about the trials life brings happens to be one of my favorite topics at my quirky lifestyle blog White Spray Paint.


Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful mantle. And yes, one's home should be their sanctuary!

Linda said...

Simple living is so wonderful! LOVE your thrifted mantle decorations!!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I love exploring and traveling about, but coming home is the greatest thrill.

Anonymous said...

I love being at home.


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