Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 19: If We Were Having Coffee

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If we were having coffee one morning this week, I would ask you a multitude of questions about things that are on my mind.

These are not earth shattering questions, but they are on topics that confuse me.

Does anyone understand their cell phone bill without calling their adult children, who then become irritated?

Does your brain shut down when your ATT agent tries to explain their cell phone plans?

Do you have Direct TV or cable?

We have cable. 
Have you ever been on the phone with a technical support person and you are missing
an important football game and you can’t see which cord plugs into which hole so you get a flashlight?

Have you ever talked to an insurance provider about Medicare supplemental plan options and realized they are more confusing than cell phone plans or cable television issues? 

Did any of the things above make you want to stick a needle in your eye?

Just checking.

Do you still want to come for coffee?


Connie said...

Yes to all, and Yes, I'd still love to have coffee with you! ;)

Simply LKJ said...

LOL, yes, yes, yes! And, I would love to have that cup of coffee, but I am super sensitive to coffee. Yes, that is my life :-(

Michelle said...

Not the Medicare thing....yet, but all of the others. *sigh*

Brenda Pruitt said...

I'm old school. I have a simple red cell phone from AARP/Consumer Cellular. It is $9 a month. I don't have a bill to look at. I have maybe used it once, so they suggested I only pay for minutes I use, which would be 23 cents a minute. Probably never happen. I don't deal with the cable support people. I pay $14.99 a month to have the 24/7 Cox Tech Support via remote. I can call them anytime, get someone in the US, and they fix it for me. Well worth it, and don't mind paying for it because I save a ton on my cell phone I don't use! Yes, I take cream and sugar please.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think these things are deliberately confusing so we will just pay anything to get away from the pitch. Same goes for buying a mattress. Why does there have to be twenty gazillion choices and prices? Why not . . . three? Sheesh.

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

I'm happy to let The Man deal with the maddening cell phone bill and he never fails to bellyache about it every single month.

We have DirectTV.

I have no experience with Medicare policies or options. My day is coming.

Coffee, yes, black please.

Stacey said...

If we were having coffee I'd tell you that I'm supposed to be cutting back but I don't want to. Love my coffee!

I'd tell you that AT&T is the devil but we still pay every month because it's all so confusing and the service is good. I once told them in my sweetest voice not to talk to me about one extra thing because every time they do my bill gets bigger.

Jojo said...

I'm so thankful that my son translates and serves as my technology consultant. I'm still working and at work we have top-notch technology. It is something that is often taken for granted. My retiring friends say the provision of technology is what they miss the most when they retire.

Let's skip all of these topics and go for the cup of coffee! I'll take mine with cream, please.

Donnamae said...

Yes, yes, yes...and yes! Although there might be another yes in there! My hubby deals with the phone...we have u-verse...and not on Medicare friends said they'd walk me through it. For technology...we've got three sons who are quite adept at explaining things to me...but they do expect us to learn something! Are we still on for coffee? ;)

Judy said...

Yes, yes and yes!!! All of the above. Laura, it comes with finally graduating into the Medicare Generation as I refer to it. BTW, I have Dish! Try to have a great day and enjoy this beautiful fall weather!!!! Judy in Arkansas

Christine said...

You crack me up!
(First time visitor from A Collection of Days; Dale)
This post is REAL and funny. I went back to read all the other posts for this month. I enjoyed them all.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Yes - I have cable. Yes - I have had to use the flashlight to unplug or plug in the right cord while on the phone.
No to the supp. insurance as am under a plan thru my retirement.
My cell is on a family plan, so my child has the joy of dealing with the billing issues.
Would love to join you for a cup of coffee, and I could stop for some decadent pastry or cheese cake to share. Only problem - a long drive from here. LOL
Enjoy your evening.


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